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Health Insurance
Private health insurers offer four main types of health insurance benefits.  They are expense, 2. physician expense, 3. outpatient expense and 4. major medical expense benefits.  Most experts recommend that a person select a policy, that offers all four types of benefits.

Hospital expense
benefits are the most common type of medical insurance benefits.  They cover the cost of hospital room and board, laboratory tests, xrays, medication, nursing services, and the use of an operating room.  The benefits may take the form of cash or services.  Some policies limit cash benefits to fixed daily payments for a stated number of days each year.

Physician expense benefits cover such services as a surgeon's operating fees. Many policies pay pay the total cost of these fees to a reasonable and customary limit. But under some policies, if the surgeon, if the surgeion charges a higher fee, the insured person must pay the additional cost.

Outpatient expense benefits cover fees charged by physicians for nonsurgical care in their office, in a hospital, or in the patient's home. The benefits also cover the cost of xrays and laboratory and diagnostic tests for a policyholder who is not hospitalized.

Major medical expense
benefits cover the enormous costs resulting from a serious illness or accident. Maximum payments typically range from $100,000 to $1000.000 though some policies have no limit. However, many policies that are not part of a managed careplan pay only 90% of the expenses covered by the policy. In addition, almost all major medical care plan have a deductable - that is, an initial sum of money for which the policyholder is liable. The insurer pays any excess costs up to the amount specified by the policy.

Other Types of health insurance include disability insurance, income insurance, dental insurance and long term care insurance. Disability income insurance provides funds that partly replace income lost when the insured person cannot work because of an accident or illness.
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