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Home insurance is an insurance policy that covers your house, the garage, other related structures, and also personal possessions inside the home against damages caused by everything from fire to natural disasters and even theft. Different home insurance policies offer different levels of coverage. An all-risk policy, for example, covers your home and your property against any and all disasters or theft. However, just like with any insurance policy, the higher the coverage, the higher your premiums.

Home Owner Insurance and Personal Property
Remember, protecting your home is not the only reason to get home insurance. Different levels of coverage can also protect the items in your home. It you want to protect your home and everything in it, take inventory of your personal property, including furniture, high-end electronics and appliances, and anything of value. This will establish a value for all items in your home. Take this value and add it to the coverage level of your home insurance policy. If you can’t afford that amount of coverage, take a percentage of the overall value of your personal property and adjust the level of coverage based on what you can afford and what you’d want replaced. If you want to protect your personal property, you need home owner insurance.

Home Owner Insurance and Pets

Believe it or not, your pets play a part in why you need home owner insurance and in deciding the level of home insurance coverage you choose. That’s because your pets can cause damage to your home and injury to others. Different levels of home insurance coverage also cover injury in the home and protect you against lawsuits. If you have pets, remember that they can lead to damage and injury; so invest in home insurance and choose your level of home insurance coverage accordingly.
If you want to protect your home and your family, you need home insurance. It covers you when the unexpected occurs. Without it, you could end up losing everything
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