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Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
Leaving on a trip abroad or outside of your Canadian province? (leisure, trip around the world, international cooperation, etc.) Travel insurance will cover you abroad or out of your home province in Canada offering you a range of travel insurance solutions adapted to your needs: Medical insurance, cancellation, repatriation, reimbursement of medical expenses, luggage, etc. Add travel insurance protection when booking your next trip. Travel Insurance provides a variety of affordable coverage options that are minimal compared to the risk of being faced with a medical emergency while away from home.

Before you leave for your next vacation, you should know the basic types of travel insurance:

All Inclusive Travel Insurance – This type of policy is comprehensive in that it offers emergency medical coverage as well as insurance against logistical problems such as lost or stolen baggage, trip cancellations and travel interruptions. Given this type of travel insurance offers the widest range of coverage, premiums tend to be higher than on other types of travel policies.

Single Trip Insurance – This type of insurance offers emergency medical coverage for one trip that can be taken anytime in a 365 day period.

Multi-Trip Insurance – This policy offers emergency medical coverage for any number of trips within a period of one year. It is also known as annual travel insurance.

Top-Up Insurance – This is purchased by travelers who already have insurance coverage for a portion but not for the entire duration of their trip. This insurance takes effect after the original coverage lapses.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance – This type of insurance reimburses you for your flight and travel package expenses should you cancel your trip for a covered reason. Some policies pay benefits for food and lodging costs if your trip is interrupted or delayed, and they usually even pay out if your tour operator suddenly files for bankruptcy.

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